DaVinci Notes App: Using the Task Board

Task Board : Your ToDo Lists at a glance

Everyone has things they have to do, items to follow up on. Checklists in general.
The task board is designed to show you all your  todo lists at a glance.

Usage is fairly simple and self explanatory.

Here are a few new notes to help you :

When you first create a list - it shows up in the new column.

You then put the list - either in one of the following columns
  • In-Process
  • Priority
  • Completed
To neatly align the cards once you have dragged them around , you can hit the ALIGN button.

To archive completed lists you can post them to the journal. 
** Note to see the POST TO JOURNAL button , the list has to be in the completed column.

Editing Lists
Tapping on a card will open it up for a detail view.
The card can be opened in edit mode or view mode.

Note: Using the check/uncheck only works in the view mode

Adding /Editing/Deleting items works in the edit mode.
You can color and highlight any list item.


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