DaVinci Notes App : Using the Journal

Journal: The place for everything!

The journal is your place to keep everything. As soon as an idea or thought  comes to mind , to record it in your journal , click the green + button on top and start typing.

As your iphone is always handy, it is ideal for Journaling. I am sure DaVinci himself would have loved it.

The Journal resides on your device and is therefore private to you. The journal is protected by Apple's device access security.  Your posts only leave your device if you choose to share. You can choose to share a post via email or sharing a screen shot

Here are a few notes to help you:

- Search will fetch any posts where the Post heading contains the Search word
- The Activity button will enable you to share the current journal screenshot

EDIT BAR (use while composing or editing a post)
- The edit options bar on top is scrollable.
DtHdr : will put today's Date in the Panel Heading
- Align : will open up indent/outdent  options

- To add a new post hit the green Plus button in the Edit bar
As some help text is pre-loaded into the panel , you can
delete this text by hitting the button with ∅ . This will clear all content except the heading.

Note: You can use the iphone's excellent voice to text capability via Siri - to dictate your posts

- To Edit an existing post - click on the Pencil icon that is visible on every post

Editing is pretty straight forward. You can highlight, color, add lists and images to your post.

To add or replace an existing image just click the img button.
To Edit the image and annotate it - tap on the button and your image will open in the SKETCH module. Once you are done - if you hit POST -- it will update the image in your post.

IDEA MAPS in your Journal Posts
Once you are done brainstorming - you can post the idea map to the journal. It will include a screen shot in your post.
However - if you tap on it - it will open the editable version in  the idea-map module.

COMPLETED TaskLists in the Journal
To keep a record of completed task lists ,you can post the list to the Journal. Note you need to move the list to the completed column first.

Happy Journaling!

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DaVinci Notes
Stay Curious!


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